Ladies Night Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Wine? Check. Dancing shoes? Check. Group of lifelong friends? FOREVER CHECK. Celebrate going out with your favorite ladies with this mistaken lyric coaster set!

Lyrics are laser engraved on 4" cork squares. This ladies night-themed set includes the following:

it must have been love
but i'm sober now
-It Must Have Been Love

you make me feel
like a nasty old woman
-Natural Woman

oh i wanna dance with somebody
i wanna be a sheep with somebody
-I Wanna Dance With Somebody

we're training men, hallelujah
we're training men
-It's Raining Men

i wanna have some pasta
baby this evening
i need some pasta
baby tonight
-Hot Stuff

yes i've been brokenhearted
nude since the day we parted
-Mamma Mia