T-Rex Pentomino Puzzle

Ever been told you’re the most popular? Ever inspired a movie character? Maybe two? Ever sold 85% of your body parts for several million and named them Sue? Sounds like you have a lot in common with this guy, King of the Dinosaurs! This so-called tyrant lizard inspired Godzilla, Grimlock, and countless kids, creatives and paleontologists the world over, and yet he keeps us wondering about his tiny tiny forearms. Was he as temperamental as the movie-makers would have us believe, or did he just get a bad rap? Was he actually a gentle giant? Or the class clown? One things is for sure - this puzzle plays nicely, and as you take your sweet time positioning the twelve classic pentomino pieces into their wooden frame, you’ll have plenty of time to ponder his personality.

These colorful pentomino puzzles are more difficult than they look- perfect for someone looking for a coffeetable challenge! And if you just can't figure it out- you can check out solutions on our website. We won't tell! Each acrylic puzzle comes with a 5 5/8"x8 3/4" birch wood frame, packaged in a clear plastic sleeve.