Boobs Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Boobs; everyone has their breast euphemism. Join us in this bosom buddy sing along and enjoy our favorite songs from the treasure chest. To help support our girls, a percentage of proceeds from the sale of each set benefits free mammography services for underserved women.

Lyrics are laser engraved on 4" cork squares. This boob-themed set of 6 coasters includes the following:

she’s got electric boobs
her mom has two
you know i read it in a magazine
- Bennie and the Jets

these boobs are made for walking
and that’s just what they’ll do
one of these days these boobs
are gonna walk all over you
- These Boots are Made for Walkin'

warm nights
almost left behind
suitcase of mammaries
time after time
- Time After Time

we built these titties
on rock and roll
- We Built This City

the east end boys
and breast fed girls
- West End Girls

because baby
you’re gonna be the one that
saves me
and after all
you’re my wonder-bra
- Wonderwall