Crocodile Pentomino Puzzle

Did you know that crocodiles are known to have the strongest bite of any animal, and some crocodile species weigh over 2600 pounds!? Yikes! Channel your inner crocodile, and bite off more than the average person can chew with this charming but challenging pentomino puzzle. Once you’ve nested these twelve frosted green pieces into their frame, you can throw your intellectual weight around as if you too were a 2600 pound sharp-toothed reptile. ‘Don’t mess with that puzzler,’ they’ll say. And they’ll be right.

These colorful pentomino puzzles are more difficult than they look- perfect for someone looking for a coffeetable challenge! And if you just can't figure it out- you can check out solutions on our website. We won't tell! Each acrylic puzzle comes with a 5 5/8"x8 3/4" birch wood frame, packaged in a clear plastic sleeve.