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Love & Feelings Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Need the most unique wedding gift to show off your wit and charming sense of humor?! These laser cut coasters are sure to make the minister blush and the bridesmaids giggle! And maybe you'll snag a smile and wink from that handsome groomsman as well?! Plus they're the perfect gift for the fun-loving music-mishearing loved ones soon-to-say-'I-do.' Or maybe they're meant for yours truly, and that's cool too! From one awesome singleton to another, you're lookin' super fly today! Do you need a coaster to rest that tall glass of water?!

Lyrics are laser engraved on 4" cork squares. This love-themed set of 6 coasters includes the following:

it doesn’t make a difference
if we’re naked or not
- Livin’ On A Prayer

hold me closer
tony danza
- Tiny Dancer

excuse me while i
kiss this guy
- Purple Haze

darling you’re so great
i can’t wait for you to ovulate
- Sexual Healing

like a virgin
touched for the 31st time
- Like A Virgin

we found love in a soapless place
- We Found Love