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June 10, 2021 2 min read

Bright Beam Goods Devon Employee Spotlight

Welcome to the first of our Employee Spotlight series, where we feature each MakeATX/Bright Beam team member and talk about their role in the company and their exciting personal work! This week, we are highlighting long time Make ATX/ Bright Beam team member Devon!


Devon in her studio gallery, photographed by Erin Holsonback

Can you describe your role at MakeATX/ Bright Beam Goods? How long have you been with the company?
I’ve been working at MakeATX for the past 8 years. I discovered MakeATX during the East Austin Studio, right after I graduated from U of M’s architecture program and moved to Texas. I love the variety of projects that I get to pursue here, and the community of inspiring makers that I get to interact with everyday. I primarily handle custom cutting projects, but I also help design and assemble Bright Beam Goods products, as well as overseeing laser maintenance and teaching laser basics classes. 

What does an average work day look like for you?
Each day I get to cut other people’s custom projects in addition to cutting Bright Beam Goods products that I help assemble at the shop. I service the laser cutting machines regularly, and I occasionally design new product prototypes and create product videos. I also help fulfill online retail orders, which has been a fun new undertaking.

What is your favorite Bright Beam product and why?
I love the pentominoes! Aside from the amazing acrylic colors, I think the animal pentominoes are especially cute and clever. The pentomino puzzles never fail to challenge me!

A selection of our Animal Pentomino Puzzles

How have you used laser cutting in your own personal work or side hustle?
I design and assemble handbags for my brand, Pascal NU, using laser cut leather and acrylic in addition to cast concrete and resin. After experimenting with laser cutting in architecture school by making building models, I chose to utilize the machines to create sculptural handbags that highlight unconventional materials. I now focus on creating custom made bags for clients, as well as a limited series of bags and smaller accessories that I sell online.

Pascal NU Handbags by Devon

Handbags from Devon's brand, Pascal NU

We’d love to plug your own personal work/business! Where can we find more of your work?
You can see my handbags and a short video of my design process by visiting I sell bags and welcome couture orders through that site, and I post new bag designs to@pascal_nu. I also have several bags and custom card holders at The Contemporary Austin gift shops.

It’s been a long year. What are some newly-discovered things (podcasts, albums, hobbies, habits etc.) that have helped get you though?
I’ve really benefited from getting outside as much as possible! I love running and taking long walks around town lake, and I’ve grown a little herb garden on my balcony that’s doing quite well.

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