Snacks Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Food. It sustains life. And so does laughter. What's better than life-sustaining food and laughter? – snacks, that's what. Why not double the fun and serve up your snacks with some silly snack-themed cheer?! The coasters aren't edible, but neither is some of your snack food. These coasters are so deliciously funny you might not want to share the leftovers with your friends.

Lyrics are laser engraved on 4" cork squares. This treat-themed set includes the following:

do a little dance
make a little rum
italian ice!
italian ice!
- Get Down Tonight

she’s a good girl
loves her mama
loves cheez-its
and america too
- Free Fallin’

sweet dreams are made of cheese
who am i to disagree
- Sweet Dreams

i’ll never leave
your pizza burnin’
- Beast of Burden

if you like bean enchiladas
and getting caught in the rain
- Escape

last night
i dreamt of some bagels
- La Isla Bonita