The 80s Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Need a hostess gift for the 1980's housewarming party next friday?! You're in luck! These 80s throwback coasters will be the talk of the party! You're sure to elicit giggles, possibly an impromptu Flash Dance flash mob, and at least one inspired Teen Witch rap-battle. Haven't seen it? Look it up! And when you show up with a fanny pack full of 80s pop icons, who knows what kind of hunk you'll go home with...! Yes, you! Because you're the most clever - the most cool - the most popular - despite the unfortunate acid-wash cut-offs and puff-bang side-pony combo.

Lyrics are laser engraved on 4" cork squares. This 1980s-themed set of 6 coasters includes the following:

like a virgin
touched for the 31st time
- Like A Virgin

rock the cat spa
rock the cat spa
- Rock The Casbah

i want a new truck
one that won’t make me sick
- I Want A New Drug

i left some brains
down in africa
- Africa

she’s a good girl
loves her mama
loves cheez-its
and america too
- Free Fallin’

she was a fax machine
she kept her modem clean
- You Shook Me All Night Long