Inappropriate Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Look, we're all human. Everyone appreciates the #%@* out of a dirty joke. Enjoy it, embrace it, pat it on the butt. You know you want to. And chances are, your friends and family are folks with the same sense of humor as you. Get them in on the joke. To hell with good clean fun! Here's to lyrical pats on the hiney.

Lyrics are laser engraved on 4" cork squares. This naughty set includes the following:

might as well face it
you’re a dick with a glove
- addicted to love

wrapped up like a douche
another boner in the night
- blinded by the light

west virginia
mount your mama
- country roads

dirty deeds
done with sheep
dirty deeds
done with sheep
- dirty deeds done cheap

let’s pee in the corner
let’s pee in the spotlight
losing my religion
- losing my religion

i didn’t fart you liar
it was always burning
since the world’s been turning
- we didn’t start the fire