Octopus Creature Kit

The highly intelligent but misunderstood octopus has inspired fear in many seafaring cultures. In Canaanite mythology, Yamm was a sea god with many legs and heads who represented the power of the sea and ruled over storms. In Tahiti, Rogo-tumu pulls unsuspecting sailors to the bottom of the ocean. The Lusca strikes fear in some Carribean communities; it is a giant sea creature reported to attack swimmers and divers. We like to think our octopus creature kit is quite a bit friendlier and more playful.


This birch wood kit comes flatpacked for easy shipping and gifting. While it does include a string to hang your masterpiece with, we suggest adding a dab of glue here and there if you aren't intending to store it flat after you complete it. Unassembled, each kit measures 4 1/2"x5 3/4" and arrives in a clear plastic sleeve.