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Original Lyrics: Set of Six Custom Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

*****Because of a shelter in place order, we have limited access to our studio. This item is custom made and may have a current lead time of up to 2 weeks.*****

We all have a friend or family member who's endearingly off – indulge them by immortalizing their silly musical antics with lasers!


Lyrics are laser engraved on 4" cork squares and packaged in boxes of 6 with a special "original lyrics" sticker.

Please include which 6 coasters you would like to receive in the notes box when you order. Include your own lyrics and round out your set with any of the following options:

grab your crotch
when you see tupac
- Hit ‘Em Up

this is the dawning 
of the age of asparagus
- Aquarius

see that girl
watch her scream
kicking the dancing queen
- Dancing Queen

dirty deeds 
done with sheep
dirty deeds
done with sheep
- Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

she was a fax machine
she kept her modem clean
- You Shook Me All Night Long

should i give up
or should i
just keep chasing penguins
- Chasing Pavements

it’s not fair 
to deny me
of the cross-eyed bear 
that you gave to me
- You Oughta Know

and even when your hope is gone
mow the lawn, mow the lawn
like i know you do
- Move Along

honestly, you promised me
i’m never gonna find your bacon
- Complicated

baking carrot biscuits
every day
baking carrot biscuits
every way
- Takin’ Care of Business

arm your penis
arm and fire
pure desire
- Venus

gladys on a mountaintop
burning like a silver flame
- Venus

looks like tomatoes
or i thought so ‘til today
- Looks Like We Made It

jo-jo was a man
before he was woman
- Get Back

i wanna hold your ham
i wanna hold your ham
i wanna hold your ham
- I Want to Hold Your Hand

suddenly someone is there
at the turnstyle
the girl with colitis goes by
- Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

something in the way she moos
attracts me like no other lover
- Something

she’s got a tick in her eye
and she don’t care
- Ticket To Ride

i'm a lizard baby
so why don’t you kill me
- Loser

more than a woman
banana woman to me
- More Than a Woman

steak and a knife
steak and a knife
ah ah ah ah 
steak and a knife
- Stayin' Alive

got me hoping
you'll pay me right now
- Crazy in Love

i didn’t fart you liar
it was always burning
since the world’s been turning
- We Didn’t Start the Fire

you made the rice i made the gravy
but it just may be 
the tuna fish
you’re looking for
- You May Be Right

got a kit­ kat
got a kit­ kat
kat, kat, kat
- Boom Boom Pow

the ants are my friends
blowing in the wind
- Blowing in the Wind

get up, stand up
stand up for your rice
- Get Up, Stand Up

i shot the sheriff
but i didn't 
shoot him dead you see
- I Shot the Sheriff

shake and bake
and stick with her
- Halocene

it doesn’t make a difference 
if we’re naked or not
- Livin’ On A Prayer

got a bushy head
it’s better than the rest
- Machinehead

wherever you are
i believe that 
the hot dog 
goes on 
- My Heart Will Go On

i had some dreams
there were clowns in my coffee
clowns in my coffee
clowns and....
- You're So Vain

all i want is you
and the sexy hermit head
that we share
- All I want is You

rock the cat spa
rock the cat spa
- Rock The Casbah

been spending most our lives
giving other gangsters
hair advice
- Gangster's Paradise

don’t go out tonight
or a bum will take your lime
there’s a bad moon on the rise
- Bad Moon Rising

there's a bathroom on the right
- Bad Moon Rising

and you, of the tender years
can’t know the fears
that your elders screw by
- Teach Your Children

we’re up all night
to pet puppies
we’re up all night
to pet puppies
- Get Lucky

we slip and slide 
as we fall in love
and i just can’t seem 
to get it up
- Just Can’t Get Enough

i don’t think you’re ready
for fish jelly
- Bootylicious

my mama said
kangaroo love
no you'll just have to wait
- You Can’t Hurry Love

gimme the beach boys
to free my soul
- Drift Away

come on baby like my pie
- Light My Fire

the only one 
who could ever reach me 
was the son of a tree surgeon
- Son of a Preacher Man

on a dark desert highway
cool whip in my hair
- Hotel California

i’ve got
two chickens to paralyze
- Two Tickets to Paradise

b-b-b-bunny in a dress
- Bennie and the Jets

rocket man
burning all the shoes 
i've ever owned
- Rocket Man

hold me closer tiny dancer
count the head lice 
on the highway
- Tiny Dancer

hold me closer
tie me down, sir
- Tiny Dancer

hold me closer
tony danza
- Tiny Dancer

i wonder politely
why you’re in this world
- Your Song

well please don't ask me
what's on my mind
i'm a little mixed up 
when i feel the wine
- All Shook Up

i'm friends with the mustard
that’s under my bed
- The Monster

sweet dreams are made of cheese
who am i to disagree
- Sweet Dreams

hot potatoes, hot potatoes 
hot potatoes
hot potatoes, hot potatoes 
hot potatoes
hot potatoes, hot potatoes 
oh, oh, oh hot potatoes
- Rock Me Amadeus

big girl
small fry
- Big Girls Don’t Cry

you can get addicted
to a certain kind of sandwich
- Somebody That I Used To Know

you can get addicted
to a certain
kind of santas
- Somebody That I Used To Know

i wanna love you
the bear said
the bear said i can’t
- Hold My Hand

do you believe in miracles 
well you're wrong 
you sexy thing, you 
sexy thang you 
- You Sexy Thing

i want a new truck 
one that won’t make me sick 
- I Want a New Drug

i'm so fancy
can't you tast this goat
- Fancy

we be big pimpin'
spinach and cheese
- Big Pimpin

excuse me while i
kiss this guy
- Purple Haze

west virginia
mount your mama
- Country Roads

sandwich you need to say
sandwich you need to say
- Say

you want love
we'll make it
swim in a deep sea
of bacon
- Your Body is a Wonderland

it's a happy enchilada
and you think you're gonna drown
- That’s the Way that the World Goes ‘Round

seasick asian man
seasick asian man
- Secret Agent Man

they pay a pair of guys
to put up a parking lot
- Big Yellow Taxi

so now i come to you
with stumps for arms
- Open Arms

we’re off to see the lizard
the wonderful lizard of oz
- We’re Off to See the Wizard

i bet you're guessing
what's behind my back
- Sexy Back

i pee on my suit and tie
- Suit & Tie

do a little dance
make a little rum
italian ice! 
italian ice!
- Get Down Tonight

the minute 
you walk out that door 
free snow cones 
free snow cones
free snow cones
- Please Don’t Go

dyslexics on fire
- Sex on Fire

r-r-r-rice aroma
- My Sharona

so we put our hands up
like the silly can holders
- Can’t Hold Us

though i try to hide
it’s clear
i wear goggles
when you are not here
- I Try

let me be your ruler, ruler
you can call me green bean
- Royals

wanna be a baller
shock collar
twenty upgrades on the impala
- Wanna Be a Baller

shorty want a pug
- Lollipop

last night
i dreamt of
some bagels
- La Isla Bonita

last night
i dreamt of
some pedro
- La Isla Bonita

like a virgin
touched for the 31st time
- Like A Virgin

wrapped up like a douche
another boner in the night
- Blinded By the Light

you’re so great
i can’t wait 
for you to ovulate
- Sexual Healing

lose those thighs
- Enter Sandman

a bit of cheese is not my lover
- Billy Jean

i never hit so hard in love
all i wanted
was to break your arms
- Wrecking Ball

get your free gum
get your free gum
- Get Ur Freak On

then i saw her face
now i'm gonna leave her
without a trace
of doubt in my mind
- I'm a Believer

your grace is wasted
in your face
your boner stands alone
among the wreck
- Little Lion Man

i want a duck 
shaped like a triangle 
you give a 
toaster to bob
- Closer

my whole existence is flan
- Closer

with this salad it’s less dangerous
here we are now with potatoes
with a mars bar and potatoes
and some salad and potatoes
- Smells Like Teen Spirit

i'm just a squirrel 
i'd rather not be 
cause they won't let me drive 
late at night
- Just a Girl

thank god it's friday night
and i just got laid
- Just Got Paid

shake it
like a polar bear ninja
- Hey Ya!

hit me with your pet shark
- Hit Me With Your Best Shot

every time you go
you take a little 
piece of meat with you
- Every Time You Go Away

can’t find the butter, man
- Better Man

terribly spoken, spoken
terribly spoken, spoken
terribly spoken
- Jeremy

she's an easy llama 
she'll take your heart 
but you won't feel it 
she's like no other
- Easy Lover

i just wanna feel this mole man
- Feel This Moment

ghost man so
ghost man so
ghost man so close to me
- Don’t Stand So Close to Me

got mud on your face
you big disgrace
kicking your cat 
all over the place
- We Will Rock You

let’s pee in the corner
let’s pee in the spotlight
losing my religion
- Losing My Religion

we found love in a soapless place
- We Found Love

might as well face it
you’re a dick with a glove
- Addicted to Love

baby, can you breed
a cactus from jamaica
- Blurred Lines

i always feel like
somebody's washing meat
- Somebody’s Watching Me

i’ll never leave
your pizza burnin’
- Beast of Burden

it must have been love
but i’m sober now
- It Must Have Been Love

only balogna
no, this feeling ain’t right
- Only the Lonely

if you like bean enchiladas
and getting caught in the rain
- Escape

whose bed
have your boobs been under
- Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under

rollin' down the street
smokin' indoors
sippin' on gin and juice
- Gin and Juice

i know what
a prison lover ought to be
- Two Princes

pulling muscles for michelle
- Pulling Mussels

you wish you had a motor boat
to cruise around the hornball
- Pulling Mussels

we built this city
on sausage rolls
- We Built this City

just like a one-winged dove
sings a song 
sounds like she’s singing
- Edge of Seventeen

everybody run
barbie’s got a gun
- Creep

got a lot of
starbucks lovers
they'll tell you
i'm insane
- Blank Space

i've got sunshine 
on a cloudy day
with my girl
i've even got the muffins made
with my girl
- My Girl

hush, hush
keep it down now, voiceless gary
- Voices Carry

don’t call jason waterfalls
- Waterfalls

she’s a good girl
loves her mama 
loves cheez-its
and america too
- Free Fallin’

i left some brains
down in africa
- Africa

hold the line
love is a four-way stop sign
- Hold the Line

it’s alright
it’s alright
it’s alright
shamu the mysterious whale
- Mysterious Ways

hey white amigo
- Brown-Eyed Girl

raised in the woods 
so he knew ev'ry tree 
killed in a bar 
when he was only three 
- The Ballad of Davy Crockett

no one knows what it’s like
to be the batman
- Behind Blue Eyes

life would be ecstasy
you and me and leslie
- Groovin’

it's the time
for the season finale
- Time of the Season

they'll tell you i'm insane
- Blank Space

she’s a good girl
loves her mama
loves cheez-its
and america too
- Free Fallin’

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