Saguaro Cactus Kit

We've been fascinated by saguaro cactii since seeing them featured on Reading Rainbow as kids (okay, we're really dating ourselves now). But their adaptations to the harsh climate of the Sonoran desert are awe-inspiring: their ribs absorb water and can increase the diameter of the plant by two times after a heavy rain. And they can grow more than 45 feet tall and live for over 200 years! Assemble one of our mini cactus kits to remind yourself of nature's resilience.

Color the wood with marker, pencils or paints, if desired. Assemble the wooden pieces in to the base, add the flowers to suit you personal style. Use a few drops of white glue to keep the saguaro permanantly assembled. Unassembled, the kit measures 5" x 8", and arrives in a clear plastic sleeve with an instruction sheet.